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DEKO China—Kunshan DEKO Partitions Co.,Ltd is the joint venture of DEKO Denmark.

DEKO has successively built up a large network of distributors in several countries and regions in Europe, Africa and Asia and is a larger scale multi-national group providing professional research and development, production, sales and distribution services of internal partition products with more than 400 million in annual sales. Every series of DEKO partition products can simultaneously satisfy all the requirements of fire resistance, sound insulation, stability and environmental protection. In 1996, DEKO was first awarded International Indoor Climate Certificate in this line. In 2003, DEKO became the first company in the world who obtained ETA certificate for partition systems and was allowed to print and use CE mark on packages.

With the strong network of distributors spread all over the main countries and regions of the world and excellent sales achievement of selling to more than 40 countries, DEKO becomes the leading producer of internal partition field in international market.

In 2005, DEKO founded joint venture in China—Kunshan DEKO Partitions Co.,Ltd, and established Asian logistics center inside DEKO China. With the development of Chinese economy, DEKO has developed dramatically. Especially since 2007, DEKO has succeeded in China 1,000 projects in 1,000 days.
  DEKO partition products are the model of the combination of European modern technology and traditional handicraft combined by the top design of Denmark. During the past few decades, DEKO has finished thousands of successful project references in the world and has been applied and praised in long term by many famous multi-national groups and companies in the world.

DEKO has established world wide strong logistic system: centre warehouse controls sub-warehouses located in every main country and region, and cooperates with strict global purchasing system to simultaneously satisfy the practical need of different projects in different regions of the world with huge stock.

ADDRESS: Kunshan DEKO Partitions Co.,Ltd. 18 Qinhe Road, Zhangpu, Kunshan, Jiangsu,China
     TEL:+86 512 5766 8879     FAX:+86 512 5766 7669
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